Building A Strong Nation


The first and most important components in nation building are knowledge, literacy and access to education. Education being the spine of every nation is also the key to empowerment. Interestingly the best possible way to empower the nation is to empower the students of the nation. Understanding the current scenario of education system, at Kalorex every member and employee of the institution helps in assisting the learners of today to discover their own way in the world, under the constant supervision and guidance of the expert; Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff who is an encyclopedia of knowledge.


Having an unconditional approach to education, the pillar of the foundation, an edupreneur; Manjula Pooja Shroff encourages every professional in the field of education to move beyond the traditional modes & methods of teaching. In the era of digitalization, mere literacy and bookish knowledge are not good enough. In order to keep the nation progressing, the students must compulsorily have a practical understanding along with a pragmatic approach besides being the masters of theoretical knowledge. Students are the root of development in the country and hence Kalorex along with its kinsfolk; Kalorex Public Schools, Kalorex Pre-School, Delhi Public School, Calorx Olive International School, Prerna, VisamoKids, Vedic and Kalorex Tintinnabulatee care to work upon the roots of the nation.


Where there is a will there is a way and we have the willpower to shape the future in every favourable way. Envisioned creating key educational milestones with a set of reformative educational goals, at Kalorex we administer and operate an array of English medium schools while preserving the quality of education. We strive to create and shape the Glocal Learners by collaborating the Global attributes with Local Values. Enriching the arena of education with perks of technology and innovation, we uphold the standard of schooling with contemporary tweaks and twists.


We are on the mission to enrich the glory of education, fostering confidence in the students pushing them up to dream big. Being an edifying torch-bearer in the arena of education, we continue to offer unmatchable and unrivalled contribution. Sowing an attitude to think beyond the boundaries of the classrooms, we allow the students to let their creative juices flow.


Education is an asset and no one in the nation can afford to take it lightly. The learned students are no lesser than the wheels of progress and hence the role of youth is directly proportional to nation building, for the students are the treasures that are invaluable and priceless. The innovative, imaginative and technically sound ones can do a lot in polishing the identity of the nation, so we leave no stones unturned while imparting knowledge to our students inside the class-room and even beyond it.


It’s true that success speaks volumes and the success graph of our students gives us the allowance to be on the crest of the waves. We take delight being a part of the incredible nation and keep stirring our patriotic values in a way that will help many. The scholarly MD & CEO of the foundation, Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff advocates creating educational environs, “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; where knowledge is free…”