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Corporate Social Responsibility

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Being a socially responsible organization besides being a pioneer institution of education, at Kalorex group we keep the wheels of education progressing as our CSR Responsibility. We do not brag or boast of our contribution but take sheer delight for being able to offer help. We take initiatives to make education more accessible to the less-fortunate ones in a very cost-effective way. Distributing books and other stationary goods, offering scholarships, giving the differently-abled students equal opportunities to learn & grow are all part of our CSR Initiatives. Connecting the roads of schools to the lives of the underprivileged ones, we have three different schools as a part of the Kalorex family.


Visamo Kids Foundation

Visamo liaised with NGOs operating at grass root levels, to identify kids across the State and with the premium English medium schools.

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Prerna aims to identify the innate abilities of ‘Each & Every’- child to grow & shine as per their potential in spite of their difficulties.

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Calorx Vedic

Vocational & Educational Development Institute – Calorx (VEDIC) is established to address the skilled manpower needs of the Industry.

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