DPS East

Delhi Public School East | DPS East

Delhi Public School East, Ahmedabad with its driving philosophy of “Where Every Child Smiles”, is affiliated with the State Board offering K-12 education. The school promises holistic and over all development of its students as it molds and shapes their careers through quality education.

The School aims to instill 21st century skills in students and nurture them to become global citizens. Fostering character building, social skills, competitive spirit and encouraging scientific temperament are the constant endeavors of the school. The curriculum framework is designed to offer unmatched academic achievements and exciting range of co-curricular activities. The green and sprawling campus of the school encourages learning where children can explore and cultivate their innate talent. The school provides facilities like first Aid clinic, well equipped labs and sports rooms, activity room, scout & guide activities etc. The world of Delhi Public School East is nurturing, captivating and wholesome where each child has a unique learning experience. The school’s relentless drive to educate its students with the best teaching practices has transformed it into one of the best English medium schools in Ahmedabad city.

Delhi Public School East Ahmedabad