Reframing the 21st Century Learners

Manjula Pooja Shroff

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  • Name: Education is no Lesser than a Wonder
  • Category: Digital Learning
  • Date: 24th March 2020

Education is no Lesser than a Wonder

The words: education, learning, knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and success are all closely related. Education is a wonderful thing and is no lesser than a wonder. If you are still dubious about the merits and advantages of education, then you must go out and enquire an uneducated or illiterate person about illiteracy.
The sparks of knowledge and the rays of education enlighten the world. Education in-fact is one of the basic requirements for living. Talk about career building or achieving stability in life; you are bound to be left incomplete without education.
Let’s catch a quick glimpse of the perks of education: the ability to read and write helps us to express our thoughts, education makes us aware of our rights, learning helps us in developing our perspectives, education helps us in career building and is crucial for earning bread & butter in life. The moral of the story is that the scopes of education are unlimited while illiteracy and lack of knowledge can be helpful in no way.
At Kalorex group, under the supervision of Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff all the entities of Kalorex family help in endorsing and promoting all the wonderful merits of education to each and every student. The learners are persuaded to acknowledge the depth of education and implement it as a valuable asset in life.