Kinder Lounge

Kinder Lounge

An Institution that focuses on early childhood education with a unique curriculum designed to promote multi-faceted growth for children, implemented by well qualified trainers and facilitators.A known brand name to provide quality education and all round development.

Our Vision

An institution founded with a vision to offer the finest training and exposure to children and youth in the sphere of Cultural and Intellectual Development.

Our Heritage

A leader in Early Child Care and Early childhood learning centres, Kinder Lounge services to 700+ children in this age group each year in Chennai. The management of kinder Lounge has established multiple K12 schools manifesting its vast experience for than two decades. Kinder Lounge has also explored in the fields of pre teen and adolescent education by offering enrichment programs that complement regular learning, accelerate the ability to socialize and stimulate whole brain capabilities of intellect and artistic talent.

Manjula Pooja Shroff