Vocal For Local


Patriotism is beyond the flag lapels and a lot more than simply putting up the patriotic social media stories. A responsible citizen of the country will not express his or her love for the nation only on Republic Day and Independence Day. The dutiful citizens will care to go the extra mile in depicting his or love for the nation in every possible way.


Being vocal for local too is a form of patriotism. The call to be vocal for local is the need of the hour. A little support for the local values and brands can go a long way in changing the progress graph of our nation. Our support will now only help in better commercialization but also reflect our faith instilled in the nation. But the sense of responsibility towards the country cannot grow over-night. The best time to get started with the cultivation of values started is childhood.


Our country boasts plenty of homegrown brands, products and educational pedagogy that have the potential to stand out the rest; all we need to do is give them the support and acknowledgement they deserve. While talking of the education system, it can be well stated that Indian education system is archaic and ideal; then why don’t we take pride in upholding its name & fame!


Comprehending the above mentioned scenario, at Kalorex we stay committed in promoting the concept of Glocalized learning and teaching. We connect our beloved students with the local and global contexts in a seamless way. Practicing a Glocal curriculum, we assist our students to think global and act local. We strive to create and shape the Glocal Learners by collaborating the Global attributes with Local Values inside and outside the class-rooms.


Being vocal for local is in our DNA at Kalorex and the MD, CEO of our organization; Majula Pooja Shroff takes pride in vouching for being ‘vocal for local.’ Considering the students to be national assets and global citizens, we shape them up as the Glocal Learners with dedication, devotion and compassion. “Think locally, act globally” is the catch-phrase that has been dominating our pedagogy and teaching models since the genesis.


At Kalorex, we take Glocalization as an alternative to Internationalization. In the era of digitalization, we intend giving our students the global experiences even while they stay restricted within local environments. We ensure giving the students a holistic educational experience with a quality approach. Learning is not only restricted to the academics. We help our students to preserve the values rooted in own tradition while allowing them to achieve the international heights.


The Kalorex family being a pioneer of education through the relentless aspirations & endeavors of its acclaimed institutions like: Delhi Public School - Bopal (Ahmedabad), Delhi Public School - East (Ahmedabad), Calorx Public Schools, Calorx Olive International School, Kalorex Pre-Schools, Kinder Lounge, Kalorex Tintinnabulatee, Prerna, Visamo Kids Foundation Foundation & Vedic takes every possible effort in making the students more patriotic about the local values. We care to set the mindset right in the very right time, i.e. school days. Be it lifting up their spirits or making them more independent, we care to make ‘vocal for local’ the mandatory mantra for every Indian.